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Yahama Motoroid

Yaham Motoroid is an electric self-balancing , AI (Artificial Intelligence) controlled motorcycle. Motoroid’s prototype concept was unveiled at the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. This amazing bike has the ability to recognize its owner and can be interacted with like a living creature (e.g dogs) using hand gestures.
The facial recognition system enables it to be able to recognize its owner using gestures. It has the ability to respond to hand movements. These data are continuously sent to the control unit, after collection it makes use of it as feedback and controls the machine. The machine also has the ability of turning on using hand gestures and making it come towards you.
Motoroid has an high-precision balance control via artificial intelligence and autonomous technology, the machine has the ability of sensing its own state and adjust its center on gravity enabling it to stand up off its kickstand and remain upright unassisted making it a self balanci…

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