Technology Still Growing

Since the beginning of time, technology has being used to make things done easier. In old times, oxen and horses were used for carriages to transport people and things, but now we have cars and trucks that makes movement easier and faster. Canoes were used to transport little and light goods by sea, but now we have ships that can carry lots of heavy goods.

In the 20th century there were lots of innovations. The discovery of nuclear fission made it possible for nuclear power and nuclear weapons to be made. Doctors were able to do surgeries with medications and treatment.

The advancement of technology has made our daily life easier. We are able to move money around much easier. We do not need to get to the bank and get money for us to pay for something, so our ATM card  acts like a money bag which can be used to store money electronically.

Also, communication has being made much easier, so that we do not need to go to the post office to post a mail or go to houses to give a very important information. Satellites have made it possible for broadcast through televisions and radios. Social media and e-mails have also made information to be passed on easier.

In addition, technology has also made cooking easier and all other task we perform everyday. The essence of technology has being revealed to a large extent. Nowadays, we hardly find technophobes(a person who does not like modern machines) but techno geeks(someone who has interest in electronic equipment).

More is still to be known.


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