Breaze Mask

Smart Air Filter

Breaze is a smart anti-pollutant air filter designed by Min Fu (a group of designers and engineers in Taipei Taiwan). The idea was born in April 2016 when researches showed high level of pollutants such as sulphur dioxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and so on. This pollutants could reach the lungs and blood vessels causing irritations, inflammation and asthma when exposed to in long and short periods.

Each day we try to block our nose with our hands or an handkerchief to avoid smoke or smog, but it still gets in. Breaze Mask helps to protect from air pollutants. The freshness of the air produced is caused by a smart fan and an effective filter.

The fan helps in the bringing in of fresh air through the filter and allowing for easier breathing. The fan helps get rid of humidity, keeping the air fresh and dry. The fan can adapt to changes in air pressure and adjust air flow, weather we are walking, running cycling and even when we are not moving.

Breaze contains a 4 layer filter that helps in protecting against the smallest and even harmful pollution particles keeping the air fresh. The filters helps filter out harmful pollutants, bacteria and so on. The filter can be reused making economical and environmental friendly.

Breaze mask has a transparent hard plastic material at the middle so that people can easily recognize you. The mask prevents rubbing against the face, due to the three dimensional hard plastic and allows you to talk freely. The mask is a composition of a soft and flexible silicone material and an adjustable strap allowing anybody to wear it. Finally the mask can be recharged using a USB port. The mask gives you a more cool look.



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