Rebirth is an underwater treadmill designed to help improve health and fitness. This treadmill can be used in a variety of places including homes, gyms, hotels and most especially hospitals, because it is more of a therapy. Those who have knee or joints issues, can use the treadmill without any concern. Older adults that have joint and muscle pains find relief while using the treadmill.

The underwater treadmill helps with the healing process of joints and tissue injuries. It helps improves balance and body postures. When using the treadmill people can undergo training without fear of falling especially the ageing adults(65years and above). The underwater treadmill helps improve stamina and increases fitness, due to the length of exercise durations and the heightened resistance to water.

The treadmill can filter, treat and heat water. The underwater treadmill also increases flexibility. This is because the warm water in the treadmill relaxes the joints and muscles during exercise. In the treadmill the persons weight decreases by 80% (percent ) removing stress in the joints. This makes the person using the treadmill to workout for longer periods without getting tired easily.

One interesting fact about REBIRTH is that it strengthens the muscle. As a person runs in the water there is more exertion due to the viscosity in the water allowing improvements in core muscle groups around the body. The treadmill also reduces blood pressure unlike land exercises the underwater treadmill reduces the pressure at a far greater rate. By reducing the blood pressure it reduces stress.

The treadmill contains a monitor to display the status of the person running or walking in the treadmill. Unlike land treadmill the monitoring is more advanced. The treadmill is easy to clean and is basically energy-saving. The underwater treadmill can also be used as a Jacuzzi and also an aquarium. Some other companies are creating underwater treadmills for animals like dogs, horses, cats and so on.The current price for this underwater treadmill is unknown.



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