Eta Clock

Eta Clock

Connected Always

Eta Clock is not an ordinary clock which tells the time but a clock that keeps you connected with your family and those who matter to you most. It was founded by Kristie and Eric (D’Ambrosio-Corell) – a couple- in 2017. It is a clock which shows how people in your life spend their time making it easier to connect with them. It shows you their location as they move from one place to another.

The stata clock gives you peace of mind while you are at home and your loved ones are going about their daily activities. The clock was designed to fit your comfort at home. You don’t need to stare at a map on your phone or request for an update because is would be done automatically.

The clock is handcrafted made up of ½ inch plywood and engraved with different destinations either they are at Home, with Friends and Family and so on. The hands are made up of aluminium which are anodized and dyed to prevent from rusting in order to make it last longer. Each hand has different colours which represents a person you are connected to.

The Stata clock uses a mobile app which automatically updates your location, using Bluetooth Low Energy technology allowing the connection to your home wifi easier . The connected mobile device sends the location to a secure sever, then the coordinates of the location given by the device are then sent to the clock at home making the hand to update the location.

The stata clock is not just a clock, it would be made part of your home decorations- where it is beautifully hung on the wall or put in a convenient place of your choice. The icons and the hands on the clock can still be seen clearly no matter the distance in your room keeping you connected always.



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