Thin Ice Vest 2.0

Thin Ice Vest 2.0

Weight Loss Clothing

We have always thought of a way to lose fat without moving a muscle, well Thin Ice Vest is the solution. Thin Ice Vest is the world’s first wearable calorie burner by Adam Paulin launched in April 2015. It is a weight loss clothing that burns bad fat (White fat) by producing heat in the process through a cooling effect. The Thin Ice Vest helps you lose weight without any physical exercise.

The Thin Ice Vest helps to burn fat by increasing the user’s metabolism using a cold therapy, where nerve cells are able to detect the presence of hot or cold temperatures. It stimulates the body allowing it to produce extra heat and burning about 500-1000 calories while doing so. It helps activate Brown fat (good fat) eliminating White fat(bad fat), producing heat in the process.

The Thin Ice Vest 2.0 can be used anywhere and anytime while doing our day-to-day activities. It can be worn while watching TV, sleeping and even while we are at work. It would be very comfortable and sweat wicking not even making us remember we have the vest on. The vest can be adjusted easily up and down to make it fit our perfect size.

 The battery that would keep the vest in action would be lithium, which could last about 1-4 hours when fully charged, depending on the temperature. The battery would consume more power when it is used with a lower temperature. The battery would be fitted at the back of the vest located at the arch to fit the shape of an average back.

The Thin Ice Vest Can be controlled using an app, to adjust the temperature – of about 10-20oC to the users comfort- easily. The app would be made for Android, IOS and Windows phones. The vest helps detect changes to the body’s temperature using sensors and adjusting it to help combat them. The technology inside the vest can be removed so that the rest can be washed to make it clean and used comfortably.

Finally, the Thin Ice Vest 2.0 would be able to hack your body, giving you suggestions on how to lose fat faster in many ways never thought possible.



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