The Pocket Washing Machine


Dolfi is the first ever portal washing device which cleans your clothes making it fresh. Dolfi is the future cleaning technology. The name Dolfi is a tribute to dolphins, the most advanced users of ultrasound and one of the most intelligent animals on earth. It washes your clothes gently and removes tough stains by the power of ultra sound.
Dolfi can travel with you anywhere you are going on a journey. You don’t only waste time but also your money looking for a dry cleaner or using your hand to wash your clothe when you have a meeting to attend to the following day. Dolfi gives you time to do other things.
Apart from its size Dolfi consumes 80x less power than that of a regular washing machine. It does not make noise when in use but very quiet, so as not to disturb anyone when washing.
Dolfi does not damage any of your delicates wears. When you have Dolfi with you, you can by any clothe you like without having to worry about it getting damaged. Your clothe will look new after many wash.
Dolfi is very simple to use, just by adding it in a waterproof container, add detergent then Dolfi. Then do whatever ever you want to do then come back within 30-60mins. Rinse and dry, then your clothe is ready to wear again.
Dolfi has a transducer which gives out frequency of sound waves which travels through the water and forms microscopic high-pressure bubbles. These tiny bubbles then implode to cause millions of micro-jet liquid streams washing out all dirt from the fabric.
The power of ultrasonic cleaning has been used for quite a long time in industry and medical practices. Also for delicates cleaning such as dental and surgical instruments, lenses, jewelry, watches and so on. In industries to remove oil and grease from motors and other movable parts. Ultrasonic cleaning has proven efficient and will always be efficient.



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