Make the world your paper

Phree is the world’s first unrestricted mobile input device that allows you to write virtually everywhere. You can write or draw on any surface and your words or pictures would appear on the screen instantly. It does not only allow you to write on any surface but also allows you to take down notes and number without even pulling your phone out to use.

Phree also keeps you notified on messages via a mini touch display for display and even allows you to reply them with your own handwriting. It allows you to make phone calls via its Bluetooth headset .

Phree was created by OTM(Optical Translation Measurement) Technologies, where they invented their own Optical Translation Measurement that can accurately track hand movement across any surface. It’s 3D optical tracking engine accurately measures its movement and send digital ink to any Bluetooth Device, so that words and sketches can immediately appear on the screen in most apps.

Phree has a case not just to carry around for protection but also to charge the device.
The case charges the device wirelessly by simply putting it in the case and putting it on a charging pad. The case cap doesn’t just act as a cover but also an adjustable stand for your Smartphone. Just by placing the phone on a stand you can write and edit conveniently. The cap that protects Phree also acts as a touch screen stylus by placing it at the tip.
Phree enhances human interaction in areas such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Biometric Identification (Signing and Writing Passwords), Gaming (Controllers), Interactive TV (Remote Controls) and so on.



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