Lumzag Bag

Lumzag Bag is the world's smartest back pack. It was founded by Armen(CEO) and Liana(COO) of the Lumzag Company. The bag was created by the lumzag company to help people worry less and feel more secure and confident with their daily belongings. Designers of the Lumzag Company worked hard to make the bag stylish to match with your business and day-to-day activities.
The Lumzag Bag pack consist of seven smart feautures: Back view camera, wireless charging pad with built in power bank, open alert and remote anti-theft alarm, missing item reminder, inside light, real time GPS tracking and Wi-Fi everywhere.
The Lumzag Bag has a removable power bank that has a capacity of 10,000 mAh. You can charge your phone and laptop while on the go. You can also charge your air pods with a special compartment in the bag. The bag has a special sensor to track all your stuff and will automatically notify you if you are missing something. This can be made possible by marking your items with special Identification Stickers that came with the bag, making it easier for the Lumzag to notify you.
The Lumzag Bag has 3 versions The Backpack, The messenger, The crossbody. Lumzag Smart Backpack is designed for your safety and comfort with the ergonomic design for your comfort, The Lumzag Smart Messenger Bag is designed specially for those who enjoy the functionality of a large, convenient bag, but are not backpack fans, and The Crossbody is designed for those moments when you don't need a heavy-duty carry on you, but want to have the same features working for smaller items.
The Silicone coated genuine Italian Leather makes Lumzag absolutely water-repellent, durable and luxury looking.



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