ULO is a cute owl shaped surveillance camera, that interacts with you through the expression of its eyes. The eye colour, shape size can be personalized with the help of a web-page or a mobile app -which syncs when you are connected to the same WiFi to help you meet your experience with ULO.
ULO can be turned on by double tapping its head. A webpage and mobile apps allows you to customize eyes color, shape and size to match your interior and your taste. No logos or icons are displayed on the screens, but you instantly know what Ulo has in mind. Ulo is tired when the battery is low, Ulo blinks when you take a snapshot, its eyes follow your movements and Ulo squints when someone is watching live video. 
Random animations add that extra spark of life which makes Ulo unique. Eye expressions are possible thanks to new round LCD screens originally manufactured for next-generation smartwatches. This is an example of the default tap system. You can configure custom (and secret) sequences to trigger On/Off & Alert Mode functions.A double tap on Ulo forehead will activate the Alert Mode. 
Once your smartphone leaves your WiFi network, every movement will be recorded in an animated gif and sent via email. When your smartphone (and thus yourself) reconnects to your WiFi network, the alert mode is disengaged. It is a very simple way to check what is going on in another room or when you’re away. 
Ulo captures snapshots on demand and sends it on a secure web page, your Dropbox account or directly on your email. ULO allows you to stream directly on a secure web page or mobile apps, which makes it really good for it to be used as a baby cam. 

ULO is waterproof and can be placed outside within a reasonable temperature range of 10°C/14°F to 50°C/ 122°F. It has an infrared night vision to be able to see clearly when it becomes dark. 



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