CHIIZ: Toothbrush 4.0

CHIIZ: Toothbrush 4.0 

CHIIZ is a simple smart automatic toothbrush that cleans your teeth at every angle. It was designed to make your brushing experience more efficient allowing you to do your daily morning routine while also brushing your teeth. 
CHIIZ works using Sonic Vibration to be able to clean all blind spots. Sonic technology is very useful in cleaning the soft but sticky plaques stuck in the crevices between our teeth and gum line Sonic Technology is also being used in industries, medical practices and also DOLFI. In other to brush with CHIIZ, you only need to put it in your mouth and bite it down with you front teeth. Then it will start automatically for 30 seconds.
 The brushing strength of CHIIZ is gentle and able to remove plaque, making your teeth less sensitive to cold and hot temperatures. The CHIIZ brush consists of mouthpiece and sonic motor, situated in the middle of the brush, the sonic motor generates 25,000 strokes per minutes that goes through the conduction bars evenly to every bristle of the brush. The powerful sonic vibrations turn the toothpaste mousse on the brush into plaque-fighting bubbles that diffuse deeply into in-between teeth and gum line. 
CHIZZ toothpaste comes liquid form in a 50ml bottle. It is a 2 in 1 liquid meaning that it also consist of a mouthwash allowing for a cool and refreshing breath, and it comes in different flavours. The mouthwash is alcohol free and contains mint extract giving you a cool and gentle sensation, killing harmful bacteria in the mouth.
 CHIIZ is pocket sized and it comes with a travel case making it easier to carry around. CHIIZ can be charged wirelessly with a compact charging dock. When fully charged it can be used for up to 20 times ageing you to be able to use it without having to worry about low battery 


  1. The CHIIZ: Toothbrush 4.0 is not available. 3 month no comment from the producer on Kickstarter and other portals. So I think this is a fake product.

    Best regards

    1. Marcel
      You are right that the CHIIZ TOOTHBRUSH isn't available. It is a new product and it isn't available on the market. You can pre-order it on Kickstarter.

    2. But as I said. I have pre-orderd on Kickstarter but since three mont no comment from the company and half a year I'm waiting on the product to be shipped. So I think this is a fake company and a fake product!

    3. Same here. I participated on the Kickstarter campain and this is a scam. they also advertized their product on Indiegogo with the same result.

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