Matrix Power Watch 2


Matrix Power Watch 2 is the world's first non-rechargable smartwatch. It w
as designed by a team of PhD graduates from Caltech, MIT, Harvard, and UCSD.
 In 2018, the matrix industries released the Power Watch and Power Watch X, smartwatches similar to the Power Watch 2 (which has better features), that never needs to be recharged with the help of a thermodynamic generator in the watch that uses heat from your body. 
The Power Watch 2 has an amazing upgrade, starting with a solar strip in a ring along the outer edge of the display, which serves as a secondary charging system to the thermodynamic generator, to keep the watch working at all times.
Unlike its previous versions, the Power Watch 2 can now be used also as a fitness watch, tracking your fitness and monitoring your heart rate. Making the watch to act also as a fitness watch it would be unreasonable to say the watch isn't WaterProof. The watch not only tracks your fitness, it also has a GPS, monitors your distance, steps, sleep and even how much power your body produces through the thermoelectric generator.
The watch would generate more power in cold environments due to the difference between the bodies temperature and the environment. Power Watch 2 is the first to power a full colour LCD Display using solar and thermoelectric technology using body heat.
 The PowerWatch 2 has been slimmed down to 42mm wide, down from 50mm of the PowerWatch X, with the same rugged look with metal black casing, texture-patterned buttons and red trim. The rubber-feeling watch strap bands allows for comfort.
For those looking for a more luxurious look, the Power Watch 2 has a Premium edition that comes with sapphire glass and a 22mm shark fin Milanese strap and quick release butterfly buckle.
However, previous versions of the watch doesn't have an app that syncs data to either your android or iOS(Iphone Operating System) due to the fact that it operates on a custom OS(Operating System), but now it as an app that operates on android and iOS.


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