UDrone is the world's first drone to be controlled using the power of our mind. The drone is being powered by Longham Technolgy and currently being developed by EEGSmart. The Company has been encouraged in making a firm decision of building the world's leading bio-electric wearable AI(Artificial Intelligence) technology.
Unlike most drones, UDrone doesn't need to be controlled through voice commands or touchscreen controls. Controlling objects with electrical impulses is about to become a reality. For UDrone to take off, you only need to concentrate and imagine it taking off. It takes off just like that.
When using the headband controller, the drone can fly 20 meters away from you an 2.5 meters above the ground. The height of the drone from the ground can be increased or decreases, just by imagining. The direction of the drone can be adjusted/changed just by tilting your head from left to right and the drone can be landed by biting your teeth. The drone has 3 speed settings which includes indoor, outdoor and open ground for better flight experience.
The UDrone has an HD camera. When pictures are taken, they are sharp and vivid, giving you great photos. 1080p stabilized video quality and 8mp still pictures are made possible by the f/2.6 wide-angle lens, and a 1/3.2 inch CMOS sensor of the UDrone camera. Pictures are taken just by blinking your eyes twice or making a V shape with your hand. It also has a facial tracking feature that enables you to take portraits and allowing them to be synced to your phone in real time.
UDrone can also track a person and follow them wherever they go. Even if they move among a crowd, the drone can still track the person. This is a cool feature especially for vloggers, hikers, cyclist and also when you walk or run.

The drone can also be controlled through an app on your phone. The app has the remote controller- has an alternative for the traditional controller- allowing you to command the drone conveniently and effortlessly. The drone can be flown 60 meters from your phone and for 25 mins on full charge. It only takes a few minutes to learn how to fly it.
The UDrone is just like the size of your palm and weighs 85g and can easily fit into your bags. This is an excellent choice for travel photographers and hikers. Due to its small size, light weight and protective bumpers, destruction of the drone can be prevented during a crash.
In addition, the drone has an auto pilot feature to be able to hover safely in mid air for perfect shots and videos.


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