Audi Aicon
The all electric self-driving car

Audi Aicon is all electric self-driving car designed for 2021. This concept car was unveiled in May 2017 at the 2017 Frankfurtautoshow.
The Audi Aicon is an autonomous car of the future. The concept car doesn’t have a steering -similar to the MERCEDES AVTR CONCEPT- and it also doesn’t have a pedal since it is autonomous. Instead it uses an electric brake to stop.
Since the car is autonomous it wouldn’t be a surprise that it has an AI integrated in its system . it has a personal assistant called PIA –similar to Google assistant, Siri, Alexa and the likes- represented by the triangular icon which you can use to interact with it. The PIA is good at picking up requests and commands.
The car is over five meters long with its wheels closed to make it more aerodynamic, so it can move fast and smooth. The car can go 800Kms range on a single charge reaching speeds of 130mph.
The conventional headlights and lighting unit is completely absent from both the front and the rear of this car – mainly because cars that drive themselves will need to do more than just light the way and indicate, they will need to communicate with strangers too, just like what tesla is currently doing. Instead the lights it uses is like a digital display board which can configure to identify faces and convey different messages.
Audi Aicon has 4 electric motors which are located in the area of the front and rear axles of the wheels. These motors combined produces a total power of 260 KW(Kilo Watt). Each of these motors drives one wheel to allow for a more controlled driving.

Comment below about your thoughts with companies like Uber or Lyft using this same technology in the future.


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