ESCOBAR FOLD 2 : Is the $399 foldable phone a Scam?


Roberto De Jesus Gavina - who is the biological brother of a notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar – recently launched a phone that is said to be $399 foldable phone – cheaper than than the Samsung Galaxy Fold 1 which was launched in 2019.
The Escobar fold 2 is a follow up phone of its predecessor (The Escobar Fold 1). The Escobar Fold 1 was on pre order last year – which was $349- and I don’t think anyone is actually getting the Fold 1 version of the phone .
Is the $399 foldable phone a scam?
Yes, the phone is a big scam. The phone is just a Samsung Galaxy Fold 1 wrapped  with the logo of the company. The phone has the exact same specs as that of the Galaxy Fold 1.
Why is the phone cheaper than the Galaxy Fold itself?
According to the  CEO of the company (ESCOBAR INC), they bought three kinds of galaxy fold;

  1. The ones that didn’t meet Samsung quality control
  2. The ones that people bought and returned
  3. The ones that were overstocked in stores and retailers and wholesalers wanted tòo get rid of them.
If you are planning to buy this phone then it is a wrong choice



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