Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
The First Folding Glass Screen

Samsung recently  announced its foldable flip phone – Galaxy flip Z- on Tuesday( 11th of February 2020) along with the Galaxy  S20 series. It has a very different design compared to the Galaxy Fold of last year- which had lots of flaws before it was re-launched.
Samsung has been working on its bendable “Ultra Thin Glass” and it has now been implemented on its new foldable phone – Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. It is the first foldable phone which uses a glass display compared to the Motorola Rarz which uses a plastic display.
The phone has a strong hinge, and that comes with some ups and downs. On the upside, it can hold itself open in any position. On the downside, the phone is harder to open so that it doesn’t flip open just anyhow. When folded the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip becomes the size of a wallet.

You might have thought the galaxy flip would use a 5G connectively, but the real fact is that it uses a 4G connectivity. Samsung representative said the choice to not provide a 5G capabilities was due to various concerns such as the thickness of the device. The price of the phone might have also been a major concern- $1380 compared to the $1980 of the Galaxy fold.
Other specifications include, a tiny front facing screen for basic notifications and selfie, it has no memory card and uses  an internal storage of 256GB and 8GB of RAM, it uses a 3300mAh battery and supports a 15W(watts) fast wireless charging. It also as fingerprint sensor which is at the side of the device.
The Galaxy flip would be available for purchase on the 14th February 2020 – quite the valentine’s gift.


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