Bugatti Resonner is a 2032 concept car designed by a South Korean automotive designer SANG WON LEE. The design of the Bugatti Resonner is based on Speed, Luxury and Efficiency.
The Bugatti Resonner borrows its dimensions from the Lamborghini Urus which is 1,690 mm(64.5 in) high, the RollsRoyce Phantom which is 5,430 mm (78.3 in) long, the Bugatti Chiron which is 2,050 mm(80.2 in) wide and also the wheel base of this concept is 3,380 mm.
The exterior design of the Bugatti Resonner uses the concept of hydroplanes which is created around fluid dynamics. This is to decrease wind drag by having bubble shape cabin, air tunnel within door panels to increase speed and proper ventilation inside the cabin.
The Bugatti Resonner is believed to reach tops speeds of (190 - 200) mph. The vechicle reaches maximum torque faster allowing it to accelerate in a shorter period of time because it is powered by a w12 engine with a battery (unlike gas powered cars that take longer time to accelerate).
The 4 passengers interior design of the car also uses the concept of hydroplanes. The Daylight Opening of the Resonner is wrapped around by a band of glass without any pillars obstructing its view allowing for a panoramic vision. Instead of having a tinted glass, the transparency of the glass gradually changes to opaque body colour, making the Daylight Opening gradually disappear from the outside and giving the passengers excellent privacy from the inside.
The Luxurious Bugatti Resonner could cost around $30,000,000.



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